Healthier Smiles Dental Stephan R. Evans DDS PA

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Dr. Evans'  Healthier Smiles Dental is a hop, skip and a complimentary 10 minute shuttle drive away from Holiday Inn Tyler Conference Center.  On the way to Dr. Evans' office in Bullard,  you can explore the surrounding East Texas landscape.  If you are traveling from out of town and will have a surgical procedure, Dr. Evans' office encourages you to plan to stay overnight.  

For your convenience, plan to stay at  the Holiday Inn Tyler Conference Center  We are a full service hotel and are happy to provide shuttle services to and from the Tyler airport and to Dr. Evans' office.  Patients continue to report that the accommodations are great and the hotel staff will go above and beyond to make your time in East Texas easier and more enjoyable.  

(Hotel near Healthier Smiles Dental Dr. Evans DDS)